Danielle Tate,Founder and President of MissNowMrs.com,all set in making entrepreneurial dreams into reality

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Danielle Tate is the Founder and CEO of MissNowMrs.com. Prior to founding her company she was the number one sales representative for a cancer diagnostic equipment company. As an entrepreneur constantly looking  for opportunities  in solving problems, Danielle identified another growing need, helping women get their names back after a divorce.     And in the year 2007 she launched MissnowMrs.com, a name change service for brides and newlyweds nationwide.

Danielle Tate is now  a successful entrepreneur, a newly wed  expert, on camera personality and now has written a book “Elegant Entrepreneur”, a  female founder’s guide to grow  a company from idea to exit. Danielle always wanted to create an impact and inspire the future female entrepreneurs in building up their new business, thus making their entrepreneurial dreams into reality!


  • Since 2006, Danielle has served as president of MissNowMrs.com and revolutionized the online name change market and has assisted over 300,000 brides in their transition from Miss to Mrs.
  • In the book, she outlines what she sees as the key steps in a startup’s life cycle, from testing the viability of the product and conducting business planning to overcoming setbacks.


  • “I believe entrepreneurship is the ultimate pathway for women to have power over their pay checks, work hours, and definition of success.”
  • “Sometimes you feel like you are creating an amazing gift for the world and other times you wonder if you are crazy.”
  • “I am one voice, by my book amplifies my audience.”

How did you get involved with the theme of your book Elegant Entrepreneur?

The word elegant can be defined as a pleasingly ingenious and simple solution to a problem. The mission of my book is to lower the barriers to entry and success for female founders by demystifying entrepreneurship and showing the 12 steps from idea to exit. This is the book that I wish was available when I founded my company. An honest guide written for women by a woman entrepreneur.

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How did you start your career as a writer?

I have always enjoyed writing, and have used my skills to write on topics surrounding my businesses. In that vein, I write one of the top newlywed blogs for MissNowMrs.com and have written several articles about women and startups for popular business magazines and websites.

How has been your experience as a woman entrepreneur so far?

I love being a female founder! I had an idea to solve a problem that I experienced, and have built that idea into a multimillion dollar company with 300,000 customers in two countries. I believe entrepreneurship is the ultimate pathway for women to have power over their paychecks, work hours, and definitions of success.

What has been the most exciting aspect about being a writer?

The chance to make an impact on future female entrepreneurs world-wide. I am one voice, by my book amplifies my audience. It will be an amazing day when I receive an email or tweet that someone read my book and was inspired to build their idea into a successful business!

You get a brilliant thought/ phrase/ idea at inappropriate moment (while driving or drifting off to sleep). What do you do?

I always write them down! Whether I need to pull over to put a note in my phone or climb out of bed to record my idea… they are important. Many new entrepreneurs focus on the one good idea they had, but in reality they need to have new good ideas daily to continuously improve their product, expand their markets, and scale their company.

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If your writing process could be analogized to movie, which movie would it be?

A Beautiful Mind. The beginning phases of organizing thoughts, topics, and ideas included me taping things all over my offices walls (much like in the movie). There is also always a question of brilliance as you write a book. Sometimes you feel like you are creating an amazing gift for the world and other times you wonder if you are crazy.

What did you find most useful in learning to write? What was least useful or most destructive?

Having a clear way to channel wisdom and ideas to inspire and educate the masses has been the most useful part of learning to write. I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to have ideas and thoughts trapped inside, without a means of sharing them. The way people read and the way people write is changing, but the way we are taught to write remains static. Most of the writing formats I learned in school were not useful as I wrote Elegant Entrepreneur.

What is your message for woman entrepreneurs?

It is more beneficial for women to lean in and push to launch and grow their own company than it is to lean in for bigger roles in existing big business. Women are needed in top positions in all companies, but there are far fewer obstacles and stigmas to overcome when becoming CEO of a company you’ve founded. Female entrepreneurs will still need to handle tremendous responsibility and pressure to succeed, but the work they do is for themselves and therefore they ultimately control their paycheck, working hours, and definition of success.